Endgame Lab by FM Paul Whitehead

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Virtual Classroom, California, USA
Jan 13 2021
Feb 17 2021
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Class dates

01/13/2021, 01/20/2021, 01/27/2021, 02/03/2021, 02/10/2021, 02/17/2021


FM Paul Whitehead’s Endgame Lab

6-week online course taught by FM Paul Whitehead.

For tournament players looking to solve some of toughest situations
they face, here is the class to help you learn the essentials to work
out and win or save games.

FM Paul Whitehead’s Endgame Lab Class will focus solely on endgame
techniques and will teach you the essentials in a 6-week course meant to
build endgame skills you need to get your chess to the next level. Here
is the syllabus for the course:

Outline for six-week endgame course

1Jan 13
  • Review student’s knowledge of basic checkmates, principals and terms
  • Opposition, centralization, zugzwang
  • K + P endings: theory and practice
2Jan 20
  • Queen endings and Knight endings: theory and practice
3Jan 27
  • Bishop vs Bishop endings: theory and practice
4Feb 3
  • Bishop vs Knight endings: theory and practice
5Feb 10
  • Rook endings: theory and practice
6Feb 17
  • Material imbalances


We strongly encourage everyone to sign up for the whole 6-week course. Classes will be recorded, and if anyone misses a class, they can listen back anytime.
Limited number of single class registrations will be available:

$150 / 6-week course
$40 / single class registration

Class time: Wednesdays 6:30-8pm


Program enrollment capacity

Minimum: 1

Registration period

Registration starts on 01/01/2021 and ends on 02/17/2021.


Virtual Classroom, California, USA