Tuesday Night Marathon ONLINE - July 2020

Virtual, California, USA
Jul 07 2020
Jul 21 2020
MI members
Non-MI members

Prize fund

$600 (Based on 40 entries.)
details coming soon guaranteed




Open (1600+)

u1600 (u1600)


Max of byes: 0
Number of rounds in tourney: 6


Virtual, California, USA


Event Schedule:

2 rounds of G/35+2 each night: Round times are: 6:30PM & 8PM

Time control: 6SS G/35+2.  (Game in 35 minutes with 2 second increment with each move.)

Eligibility - Players must have:

- current US Chess Federation membership
- chess.com account that is part of Mechanics' Chess Club (free account is perfectly sufficient) -- Don't have one yet? Easy to make, just follow the instructions below.


- 6 rounds of G/35+2  - more details on tournament details here.
- paired based on OTB July supplemental regular rating! 
- paired based on swiss tournament rules:

- NEW: pairing will be done manually using match command on chess.com. You'll need to be on chess.com/live and wait for your game to pop up!
- NEW: Pairing will be posted for Round 1, Round 3 and Round 5 on Tuesdays morning.

- games will be US Chess Online regular rated - tournament will be submitted 5-7 days after the tourament to allow all games to be screened for fair play.

Rules:  standard USCF rules apply.

  • Mouse slips count, no takebacks.
  • if player is not logged in to live chess when pairings occur, the system will assign a 0-point bye for that round.
  • Section prizes will be awarded based on USCF standard rating

Prizes: $600 based on 40 paid entries

details coming soon


AnchorFair Play

US Chess online rated tournament - most USCF rules and consequences apply.
Players should not use any outside assistance: not have other browsers open and not be talking to other people during their games
Parents are strongly encouraged to monitor their kids' activity during the tournament to ensure fair play.
All games will be carefully reviewed by chess.com and Mechanics' Institue Chess club staff during and after the event.
Players found or believed to be violating fair play are not eligible for a prize and their account will be removed from Mechanics' group.
Players who are confirmed to be using outside assistance will be reported to US Chess and restricted from future Mechanics' online and over-the-board events.

Parents - Please help us educate your child that IT'S SIMPLY NOT WORTH THE RISK!

For some helpful links regarding fair play, please check these out:


Fair play screening: all games will be screened by both Chess.com and by Dr. Kenneth W. Regan, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University at Buffalo. 

Prize distributions and rating submission will take place AFTER all games have been screened.


Entry Fee

MI library member: $30
Non-MI library member: $40

Registraton deadline: 2 hours before tournament start time - this is needed to allow time to make sure the chess.com account is set up correctly.

Registration is expired.